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The story of the Siren Asuna
Release:December 12, 2020

There is an island on the far sea. On the edge of the rocky cliffs live the Siren Asuna who sings the magic song. Asuna sits in a patch of flowers and sings a seductive song. The sweet song leads the passing ships to the island. And then hit a rock, the ship was destroyed. The seafarers and ships in the past were confused and headed for destruction, and none were spared. One day, Sea King Odysseus sailed by and heard the charming singing. The singing was so fascinating that he desperately struggled to release the restraints, but it was useless. Finally, Sea King’s ship hit the reef. Aquaman seems to have survived by being enchanted. Asuna, sitting in a bush of flowers, saved Odysseus , and was deeply in love with Odysseus's handsome face.